So anyone think Sami will come back w/Rafes kid?  When Hope said "you don't have a child" I was like UGH.  I hope not.  You all know Sami is MY GIRL but I always hated her w/Rafe and do NOT want her tied to him.  Ali said that was not the SL - hope she was being honest LOL

How much you wanna make a bet that Abby is gonna ask Gabi to get a hair sample from Stefan but Gabi will really give her a hair sample of Chad's so no matter what both tests will show Chad to be the father?  She's gonna maniupliate the heck out of Abby and i'm going to enjoy every minute of it. 

Oh and what are the odds Ben starts to "break" right when Hope is about to come in and save Cierra?  SMH...  Shame too.  But I am totally digging this Ben/Cierra SL.