Things that make you go hmmm......

1 - Abby's red nails and green dress made her look like a Christmas tree today. 

2 - Yay - Chad shaved!!!

3 - I was so hoping Kate did not screw over Chad.  I love Kate (as long as Sami isn't her target) but I wanted to see something different for once. 

4 - How is Eve really able to blackmail Jen?  Did Jen even sleep w/Eric?  That whole plot line is ridic. - largely b/c this is out of character for Jen (tho I think she'll come forward) and b/c her relationship with Eric seems so forced. 

5 - I love love love Ben with Ciara.  Such chemistry and I love Ciara sticking it to Hope.  Her and holier than thou Rafe can really take a walk LOL...   If we can redeem rapists on soaps then Ben has a shot right?!?