So - few things...

1 - Why does Eve continue to egg Jennifer on?  I know they are rivals - but Jen is keeping her mouth shut which benefits you Eve.  Don't see the rationale for her to annoy Jen about it - thus ruining her own relationship.  Silly writing.  

2 - I enjoy Stacy's version of Susan... so far so good w/her.  

3 - I love the little nods to the show (and I agree with another poster somewhere) about Ben the serial killer eating cereal... Clarie loosening her neck tie while talking to Ben.  The hourglass centerpieces today - or the Marlena doll.  Very cute/tongue in cheek. 

4 - Also loved the mocking of Salem's weddings today in Marlena's dream sequence.  Very clever.  And I looked it up - it was 8/22/86 for that wedding.  Love that!

CANNOT wait or my girl Sami to come shake sh*t up. So excited!!!