Why are Eli and Lani on this show?  Seriously.  This most BORING of couples (if they are in act a couple) - but HELLA boring for sure.  

Is Brady really in a position to give anyone relationship advice?   NOPE!   Oh and it occcured to me that his brother has been w/his step-nephew and his cousin LOL 

And was I the only one rooting for Gabi today?  Not sure I dig evil Gabi (Camila struggles w/emotional scenes - evil, crying etc.) but I loved seeing her tell Abby she gets away with everything - cuz everything she said was correct.  Sure the Abby/Gabby thing was not her fault HOWEVER blaming Austin for rape was - seducing EJ was - cheating on Ben w/Chad was.  She's gotten away w/far too much for far too long.