Did anyone else giggle when Tripp said "Nice seeing you Mr. Brady" ?!?  I know it's polite but Tripp is 25 in real life and Shawn is 38.  

Btw - how GORGEOUS did Ciara look today?!?  She's an attractive woman but today she was STUNNING. I loved that entire scene w/her and Ben (when he wiped her face after he licked his finger.)

Sami telling Eric to tell Belle that "she's killing her mother" was classic Sami!!!  And sorta happy that Hope is irritated about the Sami thing.  I need them to write better material for Kristian - they are killing the character of Hope.  HATE that she is gonna set Ben up!  

Btw... does anyone think that Marlena is NOT Marlena?!  That whole thing Val told John about Marlena getting a flat tire right before the wedding....   sorta supsicious no?