What was the point?

 Of the entire Lucas/Bonnie/Baby SL?!?  Was it simply a way to introduce Rex/Sarah into the fold?  Cuz if so - many other wasy you could have done it DOOL.   The whole Lucas is the daddy was ridic. and completely plot driven. And his reach was a little Over The Top for me - especially since in Salem it was literally a few days.  And c'mon Lucas - you're still the kids uncle LOL....

Love Chloe's haircut.  Happy Bonnie/Hattie are BUH BYE.   LOL'd @ Susan all day today - but I think Kristen has EJ and NOT Susan.  Too easy!   

Sad to see Ali go this week - DOOL is better w/her on it.  HANDS DOWN!   Overall - a boring few weeks in Salem.  Very ho hum!