One of the main problems...

 With DOOL - is the suppposed "mob tie families."  Victor should/could have Leo eliminated.  The fact that he does not - and allows this "marriage" to happen removes any credibility the Kiriakis name holds.  Totally ridic.  None of them should EVER be allowed to say "I'm a Kiriakis" b/c that's like saying you're in the Partridge family.

Second - isn't Will Sami's son?!  C'mon - you got NO scheming skills from yo mama?!  LOL...   Just totally and absolutely rididc. 

Last - why are there no court proceedings w/Holly? Isn't this a matter of the state if there is no Will?  A hand written letter doesn't seem like enough.  Nor does Eric's "word" of what Nic told him.