Does anyone think Eric should get custody?

He’s no relation to her, saying that he and Nicole were even in a relationship is a stretch. Nicole went through four “true loves” just since Holly was born, Nicole has been off screen for a while and Holly is only two. Daniel was her one true love, then I think she had some feelings for Deimos, then Holly and Nicole ran off with Brady, not to mention Chloe had Holly for a good chunk of time. And Eric killed Hollys dad! How long has he even been sober? Does he have a job? Holly has gone through “parents” like nobody’s business. Where is the stability for this kid and why isn’t Maggie fighting harder to get it? I want to scream through this whole storyline! I don’t know who should raise her, but I’d get behind Brady or Chloe before Eric. Has Eric even spent any time with Holly? Even since Nicole died? She must be with a Nanny 90% of the time. When Eric said yesterday that he and Nicole discussed having a swing set or something, when would that have happened? He and Nicole were together a matter of hours Holly’s entire life!