Today was Meh.....

 I mean I'm glad it all came out but I was a little underwhelmed.   Remember when we waited months for a pay off but we got a WEEKS WORTH of drama!   Hanging on EVERY word after each commercial?  Not this week LOL

However - Tyler is doing an amazing job as Stefan!  AMAZING!  Is he being permanently replaced by Brandon Barash or is that temporary w/Tyler coming back or ?!?  Anyone know?

Also - I think today was slowed down by JJ and his new "love interest."  Time will tell if she's intereting or not BUT I don't think that JJ is interesting enough for me to care.  I also felt that their inconsequential SL slowed today down a bit.  

So is that how they are going to "redeem" Gabi?  By her being kidnapped and everyone searching for her?  Looks like she wrote Ari a note so all of Salem will probably think she up and ran initially.