This always makes me giggle - but why does everyone call Justin a great lawyer?  He isn't.  Why does everyone say "it's impossible - we ran a DNA test."  Umm HELLO - you live in Salem!   Or "he/she died years ago."  Umm again - you live IN SALEM!!!

I would love one self aware character who would poke fun @ this town.  Maybe someone who would say something like "you should run that DNA test out of town" or something like that.  Sorta how they poke fun at Shelia being at a TLC concert.  I love when soaps nod/wink @ the audience - they did that a lot in the past.   

Side note - Greg looks so handsome w/out that beard.

Side note 2 - I like how they are writing Chloe.  I appreciate her more when she's level headed and grounded vs. scheming.