These "Super Couples"

 I know we bring these folks back to hope to resurrect (pun intended) the old "magic" the show had - especially aroud Super Couples.   A few problems with that:

1 - The writing was better then LOL...   It was - romantic stories anyway. 

2 - The world was different then.  The whole Bad Boy/Good Girl was a real "thing" then - it's today era it's def NOT a thing LOL

3 - These characters have been re casted etc so many times they have lost their identity a bit. 

4 - The characters are older now.  Jen and Jack for example - super adorable then (even if I always hated Jack) but how does that translate into adult hood if we haven't REALLY seen them together since the 90s?   It doesn't.  That's why this stuff never works :(