And Then There Were Four

Three stink-a-roo games this past weekend.  I thought the Chargers would put up a good fight the entire game, not just in the second half.  With all of the tape available to coaches, why aren't adjustments made prior to halftime?  Brady once again showed why he's the GOAT, but can they win on the road against a white hot KC team? (BTW, I still say Bosa is overrated.) 

Speaking of the Chiefs, I really didn't think the Colts would win outside in the cold.  I wonder if Indy practiced outdoors at all prior to traveling to KC.  The Chief's D came loaded for bear and put a real hurtin' on Luck.

The Rams looked suspect a couple of times toward the end of the season, so I thought Dallas had a chance.  Donald and company stuffed Zeke over and over again.  Drew has so much more experience reading defenses and is a master at adjusting plays.  The Saints defense really dialed it up after halftime, so it will be interesting to see how Goff and company do now that NO is catching a whiff of a Super Bowl bid.

And now for the only game that provided any drama.  Wow, I really thought Foles was going to pull it off again.  My only fear was he would leave too much time on the clock for Brees to drive down the field to set up a game winning field goal for Lutz.  But alas, it was not to be.  Alshon's normally sticky fingers turned to butter.  I was watching post-game coverage on NFL Network and ESPN.  One of them showed reporters interviewing Alshon who showed total class in his responses.  

Predictions for the conference championships:

NO continues their dominance in the Dome.

NE hasn't been too shiny on the road and they won't be at KC.  

Super Bowl will be Saints vs Chiefs.