I'm fast forwarding like crazy!

I am so over the Eric/Sarah/Rex "storyline", the Leo, Sonny, and Will storyline, Hope's antics, Haley and JJ (maybe that will change), Lani and Eli, all are so boring and I just don't care. I used to think Leo was entertaining, now I just want him to go away. I like Eve, Jack, and Jenn right now but that can change at any time and I like seeing Ben. I hope he gets an interesting storyline other than trying to get Ciera back.

One thing that irks me: Why do some of the guys not shave? Seems like it's the "in" thing right now in movies and on TV but I hate that "I haven't shaved in three-days" look. Take Jack for example, I find him good looking but I think he looks terrible unshaven. For me, it's not attractive on younger or older guys. Either grow a little beard, mustache, goatee, whatever, but that unshaven look, in my opinion, makes them look dirty, like sh!t bums. That's what I like to call it. Maybe some women find it sexy, but I find it as unappealing as a man bun (don't even get me started on those! LOL) I miss when men looked like men, clean shaven (or even a neat 'stache or beard) and neat looking. That's just me.