Congratulations to the Patriots

Brady is the GOAT for QBs, Belichick is coaching GOAT.  Nobody is better at preparing a team than Bill.  I hope Gronk hangs up his cleats for the last time while he can still move as he seems like a nice guy.

I think Goff was overwhelmed from the get-go.  He held onto the ball WAY too long and took some sacks that could have been avoided.  The Pats D-line were too much for the Rams O-line to handle.  Now Goff has some SB experience and perhaps he will be more poised should there be a next time.

I read the Jags are the Eagles preferred team in the Foles derby since we are not in the NFC. 

Looking forward to the combines and draft.  ~6 months until training camp starts!

Next up, Speed Weeks and the Daytona 500.