Yesterday and Today Hits and Misses


Ben and Ciarra.  I love her feistiness and resourcefulness.  Writers, please make them the next supercouple and don't screw this up!

Sheila. No filter, tells it like it is.  "Tell your mom she needs to get her doctor butt back to Salem."  I'd never heard of the actress prior to Days, but she does a nice job with the character.


Hope and Rafe.  Writers, must you taint everything with suspicion?  They need to s**t or get off the pot with this SL.  Either have them reconcile or move on.

Maggie.  Way to politely tell Brady about himself.  Boy did she hit the nail on the head!

Stefan and Gabi.  Camilla is gorgeous and a fine actress, but this SL is dumb.

Jack and Eve.  Kassie is an awesome actress and Matt is enjoyable when he's "normal" Jack, but this SL can't end soon enough either.

Thank God we weren't subjected to Rex/Sarah/Eric.  Can't wait for Nicole to come back!