Rex And Tony

so next week is Rex’s last week. Does anyone know if this is just temporary or if Rex is gone for good? How will we go from happily married couple to no more Rex in one week?

Also, every spoiler I’ve seen in regards to Tony coming back have his name in quotation marks. I’m guessing it’s not Tony, just someone with a mask. Even if it’s André, not Tony, Kristin is supposedly going to have a marriage of convenience with the character. How? Either way, and even with a Nicole mask on, it’s illegal to marry your sibling. She has no chance of making that legal. If it is her sibling, it’s illegal, and if it’s not her sibling that still would not give her any power at DiMera because the person pretending to be Tony would have nothing to legally give her. I think this storyline may have jumped the shark a second time.