I've thoroughly enjoyed Camila in the Gabi role - especially since she got out of prison courtesy of Gabby.  Love the outrageous reactions and deliciousnsess (likely b/c I LOVE Sami/Ali and this is about as close as we can get - she is CERTAINLY no Ali/Sami but i'll take what I can get.) 


Camila cannot carry these emotinal scenes AT ALL.  We're supposed to be feel gut punched or heart wrenched when we watch her this week and all I do is crack up.  That's what made Ali so great in the Sami role - you rode the wave of emotions w/her (similar to how Eileen played Kristen vs. Stacy - who I am getting used to.)  There's no POP to these scenes.  AT ALL. 

I did like though when she told Eli Julie can just DIE.   Cruel?  Yes!  But considering what Julie put her through.... and that her husband is dying.... can't say I blame her.  Was never a Julie fan - but Julie has forgiven people who have done worse than what Gabi did to Abby (b/c AFAIC the Nick thing was ALL HIS FAULT.)