NFL - December 2019

Woo hoo Patti!  I'll bet Ravens fans are still celebrating.  If that is a prelude to the Super Bowl, it's going to be a humdinger!  Run the table and you have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Casey, the Bills are only one game behind the Patriots in the division.  Wow!  I'm hoping the 12/21 game is televised.  The Ravens and Texans have drawn a blueprint for how to beat Brady, Belichick and friends.  This is getting interesting!

The Jags continue to underwhelm.  The o-line is so bad the OC decided to pass 3 times while at the goal line.  Minshew provided a much needed spark when he came in, but the INT off of the deflection took away any hope of a comeback.  While I never said Foles was a great QB, I thought he would be much better than what we've seen.

Aaron and the Pack won easily over the Giants as expected.  The only stumbling block I see for them is an away game at Minnesota.  Should be a good one.