NFL - Week 15

A major happy dance for me as Minshew and the Jags provided some 4th quarter excitement to pull off a win in Oakland.  A small part of me felt sorry for the Raiders fans since this was the last game to be played at the Oakland Alameida Colisseum.  They have one of the most rabid fan bases and their team has left them. (Patti, I'm sure Baltimore residents know how it feels though y'all really got screwed with the middle of the night move.)  It was cool seeing many of the players sticking around to talk to fans after the game.

Now back to the Jags.  I was attending a Christmas party during the second half of the game.  Of course Jen had the game going.  Several people were watching with me and a couple of other gals hollering at the TV.  Minshew showed what he can do and I keep thinking of how good he could be if he had a better O-line.  We saw good decision making, him not being afraid to run if the pocket is collapsing (frequest occurrence) and making on target throws.  On the other side of the ball, the Jags D allowed only one TD during the entire game and held a potentially high powered Raiders offense to 3 field goals after that.  This is the defense I was hopoing would show up at the beginning of the year.  Our next game is in Atlanta with the Falcons coming off of a huge win over the 49ers.  Hopefully the birds will let their guard down and we can come away with another victory.

The Pack got a major break in the first quarter when the officials blew a call on kick return.  Replay clearly showed the Bears' defender made a clean hit after the ball was caught and the result should have been a fumble recovery by the Bears.  I'm not sure why that couldn't have been reviewed/challenged.  I'll let the official slide on the call where he said the Falcons receiver was out of bounds because to me it looked like part of his foot was on the white line.  With all of that being said, bad calls are a part of the game and championship teams are able to overcome them in order to win.  

Casey, the Bills keep rolling along.  I made it until the beginning of the 4th quarter then Mr. Sandman overcame my desire to watch the rest.  I'm happy for you!

Oh, the Rams lost so that made me happy too.  Can't stand drama queen Ramsey and hope he never sees the playoffs much less a championship game.