Okay so...

 I can move on from the whole cars going into a different direction thing (very possibe Summer killed Adrienne/the Baby OR Maggie was so drunk she popped a U Turn.)  Here's what REALLY makes me giggle...  Vic's whole plan hinges on Maggie NOT remembering anything.   You gotta be HOT MESS DRUNK for that to happen.  But okay!  

So I think Adrienne needed to die to play this SL out (no loss of a character for me - tho I like Judi but Adrienne has done very little in Salem.)  This has set up a great SL for Will & Sonny (an otherwise boring couple.) 

Kristen needed to "mourn" and separate her from Brady.  What i do NOT get, however, is what the whole reason for the Sarah baby paternity SL was if the baby was just gonna die?  Now we'll get this whole reveal about Eric being kept in the dark about being a father for a baby that's dead.   But I guess that's better than a whole 6-7 months of Sarah almost getting caught and holding her belly.   But how did Vic pull off the switch.  The doc knew that was Sarah's baby.  Did she get paid off?  And how did Sarah NOT know that wasn't her kid?  LOL 

Kristen killing Haley was a cool reveal as well.