All About Marlena...

 So for a shrink she's a moron.  WHY would u let on you know about Hope/Gina?  And WHY would you antagonize her?  LOL   You'd think after all this time in Salem (coupled w/her MD credentials) she would know better.

Also - how come she hasn't figured out how to NOT get kidnapped by now?

Finally - yesterday I had "Close Caption" on b/c I was eating while watching.  It said "Hope as Gina" while Gina was talking and "Marlena" while Marlena was talking.   TODAY I left it on (dunno why) but it said "Hattie as Marlena" while Marlena was talking.  Did Kate and Roman work on getting Marlena out and putting Hattie in?  Especially since Kate told Hattie the whole story in the pub?