Super Bowl

What a game!! Definitely one of the best I can remember.  It seemed like the 49er's rushing game was bordering on unstoppable then KC's defense came up with big stops.  (Kudos to Steve Spagnoulo who apparently made some great adjustments on the fly.)  Mahomes showed amazing poise, discipline and leadership as he didn't get too rattled after throwing 2 INTs and guided his offense down the field to take the lead.  His post-game interview was classy and humble as expected.  With that being said, people need to stop comparing him to Tom Brady because he isn't, at least not at this point.  Mahomes does have an incredibly bright future and I expect to see him with more than one ring on his hands.  The scary part is KC has areas where they can improve.  With the upcoming draft and free agency to bolster both sides of the ball, it shouldn't surprise anyone if they are playing in the AFC championship game next season.

This morning some talking heads are calling for SF to get another QB.  I don't think you can hang it all on Garoppolo though I don't think he's even close to Mahomes caliber.  They deified him after the 2017 season because he had a string of wins.  I don't think he's a guy who can carry the team on his back like Rodgers, Brady, et al have done in the past, but he's not Blake Bortles either.

The XFL starts up next weekend.  I'll be watching in hopes the play will be good enough to keep me entertained through the end of April.