All jokes & criticism aside...

 Do you all feel like this last renewal was the last?  I think the renewal DOOL just got puts it through Sept. 2021 right???   I know the contracts being released and resigned were a "cost saving measure" but with departures of Casey & Galen - it just got me thinking.  Is this it?  Are we headed towards the end.

There were talks of DOOL moving to the Peacock Streaming Network & we all know how well that turned out for AMC and OLTL.   

I know this show can be sh*t sometimes (and not having it on would certainly give me some of my time back) but it ended would be like the death of an old friend.   My Mom and I talk about it DAILY...... usually with me saying "Mom you watch Days today?" and her saying "yup and I FF all through Gina/Hope."  LMAO...  Would certainly miss that the most..... the dialogue around it vs. the actual show itself.