Sure is quiet!

I though after all the pre-emotions there would be more activity here, but no such luck. Did people just quit watching? Regardless, I have some thoughts about the week.

Glad they've arrested Hope/Gina, but I have a feeling Hope will come back and they'll let her be the police chief again. That would be super stupid, but would not surprise me on this show.

If I were Kayla, I'd tell Stevano to kiss my butt and I'd high take it out of there. Also, Kayla is not a cardiologist, so why was she going to do Julie's heart procedure? Friend or not, that doesn't seem right. 

I know a lot of people don't like blood and gore, but Ben and Steve were both shot this week and we barely saw any blood. Kayla's office sofa was fabric and there wasn't one drop of blood on it. Same with Steve's shirt. When Ben was shot in the leg, I saw Clyde put a tournaquit on a dry leg. Ben had some blood on his hands later, but his leg was shot. Speaking of Ben, where did he get that change of clothes? The gatehouse appeared to only have furniture. I'm sure his personal belongings were cleared out after he went to prison.

Lastly, maybe someone who understands DNA can help me out. Brady was not a match for Mickey, and neither was Kristin. How on earth could Tate be? His DNA is from Brady (not a match) and Teresa, who is not related to Mickey. I need help understanding this.