So while I am VERY happy to have this SL come to a close I did think todays final scene was well done.  Kristen mouthing "I love you" to Stevano was nice (she's quite the actress.)  And the final shot on Chad... what did that mean? 

Also - on Monday Stevano asked Rolf to promise him something but we (the viewers) didn't get to see what that was.  Is the chip gonna go in someone else (please GOD no) or what?  

I'd love to see Stefan O battle EJ for control over DiMera.  Be a great way to let that legacy live on w/out using Stefano for it.  DOOL should be offering Ali Sweeney whatever she wants to bring her back FULL TIME.  And at this point - I think we need an EJ recast (as much as I love James.)