Fashion critique

Well there isn't much to talk about these days.   I did think for the limited budget they have the explosion at the wedding was at least halfway decent.   As for fashion, it's absolutely sucked and people wear the same outfit for weeks but I was going to touch on the recent spate of weddings...

Lonnie- I definitely preferred her original wedding dress that she wore to the wedding that didn't happen.   It was simple and classy.   her latest two piece number was underwhelming.   I thought the mermaid bottom half was nice but would've preferred if the top half was attached.  midriff wedding gowns only seem appropriate at the beach.   I did like all the jewels in her braids.

Kayla- So glad this wedding didn't happen and Justin did the classy thing.   I loved her dress.   I thought it was fitting with her usual style but still beautiful and festive.   The jacket was cute and I liked the gold embroidered fabric making it more formal.

Nicole- WTF?   She's supposed to be in the fashion industry?   I get she maybe wanted to keep it simple but damn I've seen nuns that had less plain garb.   Just boring, not a single sparkle of bit of lace or anything.   Such a pretty woman, she could've looked so much nicer.   Don't get me started on Sami and her juvenile antics.   I like her but this behavior is just getting old.  

Ciara- the only person with an actual wedding dress.  While I preferred her original gown (the one that got ruined with nail polish) this one was fairly traditional save the insane amount of cleavage.   I guess it was ok although pretty inappropriate for a church wedding.   I liked her hair.  Hope looked nice in the goldish dress with the red shoes.


As an aside, how are they explaining Jennifer not being at Ciera's wedding?   is she with Abigail?   Also Maggie has "a cold".   just weird how few people attend these weddings.


A few more fashion comments, Gabi needs to tone down the hoochie wear.   I don't buy her as a business woman in the skin tight body con hooker outfits.

Claire- Didn't she used to have a more boho chic vibe?   since back from Bayview she dresses more like Rocknroll Ciara.   I wonder if that's on purpose?