Nosy Nicole

I am really getting sick of Nicole not minding her own business. Seems like she just got this way recently—since doing all of her detective work with Eric's baby. She waylaid Rafe at the town square and grilled him about his not taking Allie's baby even though he clearly didn't want to talk about it and was super busy. Now that Nicole has told Allie, Sami and Allie's relationship is less likely than ever to be smoothed over. At the least, Nicole should have told Sami she knew and given her a chance to talk to Allie. Actually, I think Will and Sonny taking the baby would be complicated, but Rafe taking him/her would be so much more so. I can completely understand why Sami would discourage him from taking the baby. Now, though, Nicole has created a huge mess by not staying out of it that who knows if Allie will ever forgive Sami. I used to like Nicole, but not this new nosy person. 

On a more positive note, I loved Will and Sonny's scenes today!