Today's Ep...

Whether you like it or not I don't get why people are shocked by this.   You can be annoyed by it or grossed out by it - but this is vintage DOOL.  

DOOL has always dabbled in this mind control stuff (as Eve pointed out last week) and she certainly has a REAL motive even if we don't agree with her actions.  

I enjoy Eve - but I enjoy sneaky Eve not THIS Eve.  This is too DiMera for me - I prefer her being a sneaky vixen than a "super villian."  

I don't get the point of this SL though.  Kassie is not long term - and this was filmed PRIOR to the shut down and before they know Victoria (Ciara) was leaving.  It almost feels like this was purely done to be the big DOOL Olympics cliffhanger - no other reason.