Today, Hope & Taping...

 So I guess these two weeks were not a dream.  Today was a new day and they "explained" Hope's absence.  So I guess all these recent episodes were real.   

I didn't hate how they explained her absence considering her departure, COVID etc.   I wish she would have came back for an ep or 2 to "leave" the right way but I get it.   Why bother?  

I'm not sure I agree with everyone who is beating up the show for asking her to step away for 5 months.  Hope, while an iconic character, hasn't been interesting since before Bo left (not when he died - when he left.)  That whole Aiden SL was ridic. and she was a snooze w/Rafe.  Asking her to leave for 5 months to give the character some freshness made sense.  IMO KA ego got in the way.  Hopefully that doesn't hurt her long term - b/c soap actors often don't do much when they go.  

Finally - do we know if DOOL is staying on a REGULAR taping schedule?  Or will they try and get so far ahead like they did before? I figured that would be tough w/Covid and I hope so.  That 6-9 months in advance thing stunk  - especially when the SL's were so bad... they couldn't course correct.